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Jarmmeth College Inc., is DepEd Accredited since Year 2001. We release LRN to students from Kinder 2 Level.

We are also PEAC Accredited. We offer FAPE and GASTPE assistance to old and new JHS and SHS students.

We are now in the ‘New Normal’ setting in Education. Therefore, we have created modalities and learning continuity plan on how to execute the teaching-learning program for the SY 2021-2022 and also to give you an idea on how we are preparing the students, parents and all employees for the seamless transition from the old to the new normal educational set-up.

To access this learning website is FREE!
This is the official school portal on e-Learning, developed by the school management exclusively for all Jarmmethians during the Community Quarantine. (COVID-19 Pandemic)
The advantages of e-Learning include each learner, to develop self-paced learning & training students to become more independent on studying.
Worksheets, printable activity sheets & educational links for each level from Kinder to Grade 12, may be browsed for your convenience while you’re away from school.

The content & links provided are only references for each grade level for educational purposes, these were obtained from different learning websites. Therefore, “No Copyright Infringement Intended”
Keep safe & enjoy learning at home!

REMINDER: This Website is NOT the Online Platform that we will be using this school year. It’s a system that is more restricted & in-depth with the school curriculum. Such as; EDMODO, and ZOOM. Thank you & keep safe.

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