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General Admission Procedure for New Students & Transferees: (Kinder to Grade 12)


ONSITE APPLICATION PROCESSING: This is a personal with face-to-face interaction in any of the JCI premises.


* Fill-out completely the Basic Application Form. (BAF) You may get this from any of the Enrollment Team (teachers) available during your visit.

* Initial interview with the Guidance Counselor.

* Upon evaluation after the initial interview settle the admission testing fee of P200.00 (non-refundable) to the school cashier.

  • Present the official receipt to the Guidance Counselor for scheduling of exams.

* You may take the exam on the same day or will be given another schedule.

  • Once exams result is available with passing test results, the applicant will receive the Official Enrollment Form (OEF)

* Fill out completely the Official Enrollment Form (OEF) and give the accomplished OEF to the Registrar.

* All applicants and their parent(s) or guardian will be scheduled for an interview with the Level Coordinator and Principal.

  • Applicants must submit to the Registrar Office all the requirements. (complete & verified)

* You will be advised to pay the reservation fee of P1000.00 (if you have paid already through bank over-the-counter or mobile banking it will be deducted from your total fees)

  • Students are only considered officially enrolled upon fulfillment of required initial enrollment fee depending on the chosen payment mode.
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